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Camloc Motion Control Ltd

  • Gas springs in a range of sizes
  • Leading manufacturer of industrial gas springs
  • Supplying the UK with dampers & end fittings
  • Manufacturing to BS EN ISO 9001/2008

Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Gas Springs

Camloc Motion Control Ltd established in 1985 have been a leading designer and UK manufacturer of a wide range of end fittings, gas springs, brackets and dampers ever since.

Gas springs are designed to lift, support, position, control and counterbalance and are used throughout industry on a whole host of different applications. Fully customizable in terms of forces, rod and tube lengths, oil levels and viscosity, Camloc gas springs are tailored to suit the needs of each individual application.

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Camloc gas springs are available in standard sizes of 6-15 (6mm diameter rod with 15mm diameter tube), 8-18, 8-19, 10-23 and 14-28, although other sizes are available. Camloc gas springs are designed to lift and support a few kilos up to thousands of kilos. Providing the right solution for the customer’s application is achieved by offering tailored products. Camloc’s gas springs are available with rod increments of 5mm, tube increments of 1mm and can be gassed in 10 Newton increments.

Customer Service and Quality Manufacture

Camloc provide first class customer service, recognising that no two applications are the same.

Because it manufactures gas springs in the UK, Camloc is able to quickly react to customers changing needs whilst producing top quality products in accordance with its BS EN ISO 9001/2008 quality accreditation.

Camloc’s field sales team and design engineers will work very closely with customers to create a gas spring that provides the best possible solution for the application. Typically producing standard prototypes for the customer to test on their application within 10-working days. Production parts are normally supplied with 20-working days from receipt of order.

The Product Range

This time saving adjustable force valve is an option on all standard Camloc gas springs. Designed to be adjusted in-situ without the need for removing the gas spring from the application to de-gas, the Vari-Lift valve is commonly used in prototyping or where customers have products where the application weight varies between different models.

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Swift and Sure
Swift & Sure is one of the most popular Camloc gas springs and is available in an extensive range of sizes and end fittings for a variety of applications.

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This range removes the need of separate safety supports on lift assist applications. The safety locking shroud engages once the gas spring is fully extended preventing accidental closure.

For more information on Econoloc Click Here

Stop & Stay

This range was designed to allow multi-positional support over the full stroke of a gas spring by utilising a unique external friction control device.

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Standard dampers absorb / dissipate energy by forcing fluid through an orifice. Other specialist dampers are also manufactured for particularly demanding applications.

For more information on Cam-Shoc Click Here

Cam-Stay is a telescopic multi positional stay that is mechanically operated. It provides steady and quick positioning with fixed holding positions.

For more information on Cam-Stay Click Here

These products are fitted with a special internal locking valve that holds the gas spring in position until a release mechanism is operated. Once the release pin on the Blocklift is depressed the gas spring will operate.

Stainless Steel
Camloc manufactures its range of standard stainless steel gas springs in 316L grade stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

Hydraulic Lift
The hydraulic lift has no need for a power supply, it provides a hydro mechanical backrest and height adjustment for medical applications.

Hydraulic System
When electro hydraulic lifting is needed the Camloc hydraulic system is the perfect self contained, compact solution.

End Fits
End fittings for gas spring applications are available in a range of sizes and materials including steel, nylon, zinc and stainless steel.

Mounting Brackets
We provide a range of specifically designed mounting brackets to compliment Camcloc gas springs. The options are diverse allowing our mounting brackets to be used for almost any application.

Call the sales desk on +44 (0)116 274 3600 to discuss your gas spring or damper needs.

Company Videos

Camloc Overview Video How to fit and de-gas a
Vari-Lift valved gas spring

Stop & Stay Multi-Positional Gas Springs

Cam-Stay - Multi-positional telescopic stay

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Approvals & Certificates

ISO 9001 Quality management systems

News & PR

Gas Spring Disposal

When disposing of gas springs please bear the following in mind:

Growth plans as £1.5million investment is confirmed

Camloc has set out its plans for growth today having secured investment from Foresight Group (“Foresight”).

Made in Britain Campaign

Camloc Motion Control is proud to be part of the Made in Britain campaign and you will notice that the campaign’s logo, which has recently changed, is a prominent feature on our site.

Choosing a British made gas spring?

Andy Hubbard manages the sales and marketing department of Camloc Motion Control where he is responsible for the UK manufactured gas springs and dampers.

Key Contacts

Michael  Cook

Michael Cook
Northern Area Sales Engineer

Tel: 0116 274 3600
Email: michael.cook

Vincente Fas

Vincente Fas
Southern Area Sales Engineer

Tel: 0116 274 3600
Email: vincente.fas

Angie Flood

Angie Flood
Sales Desk Supervisor

Tel: +44 (0)116 274 3600
Email: angie.flood

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor
Export Coordinator

Tel: +44 (0)116 274 3600
Email: ben.taylor

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Payment Terms
  • Pro-Forma
  • 30 days

Opening Hours

Monday -   08:30 to 17:00
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Wednesday -   08:30 to 17:00
Thursday -   08:30 to 17:00
Friday -   08:30 to 14:30
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