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    Chemique Adhesives & Sealants Ltd

    Established in 1985, Chemique Adhesives is a UK leading manufacturer of high-performance industrial adhesives and adhesive application equipment. Serving a wide range of industries including aerospace, artificial turf, construction, foam, furniture, mattresses, panel lamination, raised access flooring and more! Chemique Adhesives can offer specialist bonding solutions for a multitude of applications whilst providing the highest level of service, support and advice.

    Industries Served:

     - Aerospace
     - Artificial Turf
     - Construction
     - Foam
     - Furniture
     - Mattresses
     - Panel Lamination
     - Raised Access Flooring
     - Transportation

    Whatever your industry, get the right adhesive, the right application and the right support for your project from Chemique Adhesives. Our engineering services includes:

     - Adhesive application equipment
     - Solutions and support
     - Maintenance, servicing and repair


    Aerotak - Aircraft Seating Adhesives
    A range of specifically developed adhesives to meet the needs of the aircraft interior manufacturing industry, ideally suited for use in the manufacture of aircraft seat covers and cushions.

    Axil - Manufacturing Adhesives
    With one of the largest ranges of manufacturing adhesives, Chemique Adhesives is able to provide a variety of solutions for a wide range of industries.

    Polyped - Raised Access Flooring Adhesives
    A range of high performance flooring adhesives, ideal for bonding metal pedestals to concrete. The range also includes a floor sealer and a thread-locking adhesive.

    ProAqua - Foam Bonding Adhesives
    A popular choice in the foam and furniture industry, the ProAqua range is a sprayable water-based adhesive specially formulated for foam converting applications.

    Protak - Bedding, Packaging and Woodworking Adhesives
    A variety of high quality adhesives consisting of hot melts, membrane press adhesives and PVA's ideal for foam, furniture, joinery, mattress manufacturing, packaging, vinyl wrapped doors and woodworking.

    Solfre - Laminating Adhesives
    Specially formulated one and two component polyurethane (PU) adhesives ideal for panel bonding. The range includes a number of controlled open time and cure rates to suit a variety of bonding processes.

    SABA - Mattress Adhesives
    We are proud to be in partnership with SABA, a global player in high quality adhesives and sealants who offer a variety of adhesive solutions for foam processing and mattress manufacturing.

    Adhesive Application Equipment
    We can provide a range of adhesive application equipment to suit your specific requirements including:

     - Manual Systems
     - Automatic Systems
     - Portable Systems

    Total Service Package
    For over three decades we have provided Chemique's Total Service Package and this ensures that you receive the right product, the right application and the right service. This includes equipment recommendations, regular delivery of adhesives, performance checks, servicing, training and support.

    Engineering Support
    Chemique's team of dedicated engineers are always on hand to deal with any adhesive application requirements you may have, whether this is advice on the production process or the installation of new equipment.

    Service & Repair
    We can maintain your application equipment so whether it is servicing a spray gun, updating a production line or troubleshooting any issues you may have with your specific applications, please get in touch today and we will be happy to help.

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