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BGB Innovation

  • All products Designed and Manufactured in UK
  • Leaders in Slip Ring, Underwater Lighting & FORJ tech
  • 40 years of slipring and brush holder experience
  • Winner of The Queens Award for Export

Welcome to BGB Innovation - Carbon Brush Holders

BGB Innovation is divided into three industry brands BGB Engineering, BGB Marine & BGB Digilinc.

Products and services include: -

Design and manufacture of electrical slip ring assemblies for rotary applications
Design and manufacture of underwater lighting and camera solutions
Configuration and supply of wireless Ethernet bridge systems

Markets include: -

Wind turbine control and power transfer
Water and sewage treatment
Packaging machines
Fish farming

Carbon Brush holders BGB was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of carbon brush holders. Brush Holders are part of the product portfolio of BGB Innovation. Whilst continuing to supply both carbon brush holders and slip rings, BGBs core activity is the design and manufacture of specialised slip ring solutions.

BGB Innovation specializes in the design from concept, manufacturing and marketing of its own range of niche market products. Development is influenced by having a clear understanding of the operational environment. World class, durable & fit for purpose products are created by working closely with international customers. The design process is innovative to ensure that product technology is enhanced for modern day applications.

BGB Engineering Ltd was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of carbon brush holders and began exporting in the early 1990's. Now over 90% of turnover is achieved through the exportation of goods & services. Predominant European markets include Scandinavia, Spain and Germany in which the Company lays claim as leader in the field. Products are being supplied to worldwide markets such as Australia, India, Canada, Chile, Korea, USA and Japan.

In 2004 BGB Engineering Ltd purchased the commercial interests of Aquabeam Ltd. This acquisition expanded the Company's product portfolio into the field of underwater lighting, camera systems and cables/connectors. Primary applications include cage illuminators for photoperiod manipulation within fish farming, underwater lighting for the energy and water treatment industries and submerged transom lighting for yachts. Through this division, BGB engineers have developed Digilinc, a wireless Ethernet bridge which enables high speed data or video links to be transmitted across distances of up to 20km with line of sight. Applications for Digilinc include wireless CCTV and remote security and monitoring functions.

BGB Innovation
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We have now launched our new product and accompanying website BGB SILS.

BGB SILS has proven the underwater lighting industry wrong, we have manufactured a powerful contactless underwater lighting system that does not need to penetrate any surface like a ships hull.

Click the link below to visit BSB SILS and find out more.

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  • Products For Revolving Doors
  • Collector Columns / Clarifiers for Wastewater
  • Underwater Lighting & Cameras for Aquaculture
  • Underwater Lights
  • BGB Slip Ring Products In Many Industries
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  • BGB Telemetry Fibre Optic Rotary Joint E-Book

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