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SMB Bearings - Bearings Supplier

  • Worldwide shipping on all bearings
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  • Bearing supplier established since 1985
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Unit 15 Ventura Business Park
Broadshires Way
OX18 1AD

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SMB Bearings - Bearing Supplier

Welcome to SMB Bearings, we are a leading Bearing Supplier in both the UK and Europe. When it comes to this field we are specialised experts, knowing everything we need to about the industry. With our specialty being Miniature Bearings, we also compliment this range with Plastic, Stainless Steel, Low Noise Electric Motor and Thin Section Bearings.

Being a leading Bearings Supplier we ensure all of our products are of the very best quality, that is why most are the high precision EZO brand, EZO are a worldwide Japanese company with a well deserved reputation for being the very best miniature bearing manufacturer. They have been manufacturing for over 30 years, making them a great choice for us to provide to our clients.

Our fantastic vast range means that as a bearings supplier we can offer the best in quality and pricing for our customers. We are proud to be one of the UKs leading supplier in our industry and show off our fantastic products. Click on our product headings below and see our fantastic range on our website or call your favourite supplier today and speak to one of our dedicated team for an unbeatable quote.


Our range of miniature bearings are available in metric sizes from a 0.6mm diameter upwards.

Stainless Steel
We stock stainless steel bearings with shaft sizes up to 50mm.

Our plastic bearings are manufactured with Acetal resin rings & contain stainless steel or glass balls.

Thin Section
Our thin section bearings range from 10mm up to 50mm in size and come flanged or non flanged.

Electric Motor
If you require bearings with low noise and vibration levels, we supply special electric motor bearings with sizes to fit 3mm up to 40mm

Ceramic Bearings
We provide a range of ceramic bearings to fit all shapes and sizes from 3mm up to 50mm. Our ceramic bearings are made to order so please contact a member of our team now.

Instrument Bearings
A range of small and miniature bearings for all types of precision instrument

Small Bearings
Small and extra-small bearings for compact applications

Hobby Bearings
Small bearings for skateboards, fishing reels, cycles and radio control models


We provide specialist bearing relubrication and lubrication services, our service includes clean and relubricate of customer supplied and SMB bearings. We have the capabilities to control the bearing lubrication to within a few milligrams, so no matter what grease fill you require, we can handle it.

To find out more on relubrication Click Here

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Key Contacts

Emma Hoskisson

Emma Hoskisson
Office Manager

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Email: sales

Becky Vigilante

Becky Vigilante
Credit Controller

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Email: accounts

Andy McNiff

Andy McNiff
Warehouse Manager

Tel: 01993 842555
Email: chris

Jeff Petrash

Jeff Petrash
Technical Manager

Tel: 01993 842555
Email: chris

Emma Bower

Emma Bower
Sales Administrator

Tel: 01993 842555
Email: sales

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